Beam Lighting Engineering

PeaceARK Beit Al Liqa Beit Jala

Project Name: PeaceARK Beit Al Liqa Beit Jala
Location: Beit Jala
Date: 2012

Lighting Design By: Beam Engineering Technology Ltd.
Architect: Arch. Walid Salman.
Electrical Contractor: Khader Zeit.
Description: The first indoor playground in the Bethlehem province
Several years ago, they have realized there was a real need for local families to have a safe place to get together outside their homes over the winter months. They did have an outdoor playground which was tremendously popular from spring to autumn, but with the onset of the colder and often rainy winter months the playground season regularly grinds to a halt with people – quite understandably – preferring to stay behind closed doors. It was then that the vision of an indoor playground started floating around in our heads. By 2008, they had found a name for the new project: PeaceArk. Peace is what people desperately long for in these parts. At Beit Al Liqa, they want to provide them with a peaceful, safe environment while giving witness to the one and only peace-giver: Jesus. That year they have decided it was time to give shape to the idea and building work began. Despite several unforeseen hiccups along the way and the initially estimated timeframe eventually stretching into years, they became witnesses to God’s faithfulness, protection and provision from start to finish. So today they are thrilled to be able to announce that Beit Al Liqa’s new indoor playground, the PeaceArk, opened its doors on 1 March 2012!
The PeaceArk seeks to provide a safe environment for families to get together while their kids are busy having fun. Open all year round, it is a place for children to romp and play to their hearts’ content while parents can find a comfy spot in the on-site café and chat with other parents over a cup of coffee.
Several times a week, a short kids’ program is scheduled in the playground with singing and a Bible lesson. Beit Al Liqa’ staff will be there for all visitors during opening hours.
Groups from schools and children’s organizations are very welcome.



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