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The National Conservatory

Project Name: The National Conservatory Bethlehem
Location: Beit Sahour – Bethlehem
Date: 2012
Design By: AAU Anastas/ Architect Elias Anastas
Supervision: AAU Anastas/ Architect Elias Anastas
Main Contractor: CEM
Electrical Contractor: CEM

Description: Officially inaugurated on September 14, 2012, The National Conservatory Bethlehem branch creates a new cultural exchange platform for young Palestinian musicians.
The national conservatory is inspired by the local architectural cultures and the typologies of the traditional Palestinian houses. The aim of the project was to question the disappearing traditional typologies, by extracting their characteristics and placing them in the heart of a project with a specific function. The concept had to provide an appropriate functional architecture, taking into consideration contemporary Palestinian lifestyle while revisiting historic filiations.

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