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Caritas Baby Hospital
Caritas Baby Hospital is a unique institution, located at the heart of the Middle East conflict. They are taking care of children and mothers who spend their lives in poverty and injustice, without medical care. read more

Tulkarem Hospital
It is a General Governmental hospital, located in Tulkarem-Palestine.
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St’ John Eye Hospital
It was first established in Jerusalem in 1882, the St John of Jerusalem Eye Hospital Group is the only charitable provider of crucial eye care to the people of the occupied Palestinian territory (oPt). St John Eye Hospital Group is a Foundation. read more

Augusta Victoria
Augusta Victoria Hospital (AVH) is housed in a historical building that, at the time of its dedication as a hospice and rest home in 1910, was the most modern construction in Jerusalem. read more

Alia Hospital Hebron
No Description.

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Infermaria Jerusalem
No Description.

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Holy Family Hospital
1882: The Community of the Daughters of Charity of St. Vincent de Paul buys a large plot of land in Bethlehem and constructs an 80 bed general hospital and an orphanage which they inaugurate in 1885.The Holy Family Hospital is guided by. read more

Rammallah Mental Center
No Description.

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Kuwait Hospital
There was a great need to develop capacity, in Palestine, in the area of heart surgery and the provision of specialist care for those suffering from heart diseases. A new specialist cardiology hospital -Kuwait Specialized. read more

Bahrain Hospital
The Palestinian health service also had inadequate capacity to deal with the particularities of providing health care to sick children. So, Bahrain Pediatrics Hospital.. read more

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