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Al Khader Stadium
Al-Khader Stadium is an international football stadium in the Palestinian town of al-Khader near Bethlehem. It was inaugurated on August 6, 2007 and was constructed with funding from Portugal through the Portuguese Institute for Cooperation for Development. read more

Al Ram Stadium
The Faisal Al-Husseini International Stadium, in Al-Ram (Palestine), is a 6,500-capacity football stadium that is used by the Palestine national team. They played their first match there in 2008. read more

Aqbat Jaber Stadium
Aqbat Jaber Stadium is an Olympic stadium which was built in 2010 and located to the northern side of Aqabat Jaber camp in Jericho Governorate located (horizontally) 3km south-west of Jericho City. read more

Catholic Action
Under the auspice of the Franciscan Fathers, the Catholic Action Center located in Bethlehem was established in 1956 as a principal social center for the Christians of Bethlehem. Today, it serves as an oasis for the beleaguered Bethlemites. read more

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