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CSC Of al Bireh Municipality
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Edward Sae’d
Officially inaugurated on September 14, 2012, The National Conservatory Bethlehem branch creates a new cultural exchange platform for young Palestinian musicians. read more

PeaceARK Beit Al Liqa Beit Jala
Several years ago, they have realized there was a real need for local families to have a safe place to get together outside their homes over the winter months. read more

Arij Main Offices
ARIJ represents 22 years of combined organizational experience in the Palestinian Territory in the fields of economic, social, management of natural resources, water management, sustainable agriculture and political dynamics of development in the area. read more

Beit Jala Community Center
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Visitor Information Center
Visitor Information Center is a tourist information bureau that serves the visitors to Palestine and further Holy Land. It is located in the heart of Bethlehem, just next to the Bethlehem’s Municipality in a corner of Manager Square, just adjacent to the Nativity Church. read more

Dar Al Kalima Art College
The College began operating in 2006 from the ICB complex in Madbasseh Square, offering diploma courses in documentary film-making and glass and ceramic art. read more

Beit Jala Customer Service Center
No Description.
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Bible College
Bethlehem Bible College is an interdenominational Christian Bible college, located in Bethlehem, Palestine and started in 1979 at a local Christian school. read more

Swedish Center
The Swedish Christian Study Centre is a unique institution for liberal adult education in the Holy land, run by the Swedish study association Bilda, founded in 1991. SCSC organizes and facilitates study trips in the Holy land for groups from more

Palestinian Economic Policy Research Institute (MAS)
The Palestine Economic Policy Research institute (MAS) was founded in Jerusalem in 1994 as an independent non-profit institution to contribute to the policy-making process by conducting economic and social policy research.
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Notre Dam Hotel Cafeteria
Located in the heart of Jerusalem, at the end of Jaffa Road, this hotel is within walking distance of New Gate and Church of the Holy Sepulcher. Also nearby are Temple Mount and Western Wall. read more

Mercedes Showroom
T. Gargour & Fils (TGF) was established in 1928. Since early 1952 TGF has been the exclusive and sole agent for Mercedes-Benz vehicles in Jordan, Lebanon, and Palestine providing the highest standards of customer care.
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Pharmaceutical Company Cafeteria
Jerusalem Pharmaceuticals Company was founded in 1969. The company works in the fields of manufacturing, development and marketing the human pharmaceutical and personal care products, agricultural and veterinary products.. read more

Beit Jala Library
Beit Jala Public Library was established through the generous support of the pontifical Mission- Jerusalem Dec 2009. This project implemented by CHF International in cooperation with read more

Kanawati Show Room
The Three Arches was established in January 1975 by a member of the Kanawati family, they started working in art and souvenir business in 1853. In 1975, the family decided to establish their own business. read more

Hebron Chamber Of Commerce
Chamber of Commerce was established in Hebron in 1953. Its vision is to Promote the local economy and business community. It has a message of more

Ahli Bank in Bethlehem
Jordan Ahli Bank (previously Jordan National Bank) is a leading Jordanian institution, with a steeped national history and heritage. Jordan Ahli Bank was established in 1955. Today, regional presence in Lebanon, Palestine, Cyprus, and 19% stake in JIB (London).read more

Notre Dam School
No Description.

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Dar Al Nadweh Meeting Room
Dar aL Nadweh is one of the facilities of The International Center of Bethlehem (ICB) which was officially launched on September 28th, 1995. The work of the ICB is directed towards. read more

Beit Al Liqa Beit Jala
It is a place of fellowship where God’s Word is at the heart and where people are called to follow Jesus Christ. It seeks to be a house where God lives. Its foundation was laid in 2001, a time of political turmoil.. read more

Terra Sancta Sport Center
Under the auspice of the Franciscan Fathers, the Catholic Action Center located in Bethlehem was established in 1956 as a principal social center for the Christians of Bethlehem. Today, it serves as an oasis for the beleaguered Bethlemites. read more

Alquds Open University
Al-Quds Open University was founded on the land of Palestine at the beginning of 1991. Since its establishment, the university attracts students to reach over 66 thousand students distributed over twenty-two educational centers scattered throughout the country. read more

National Insurance
National Insurance Company Ltd. was founded by a group of experienced Palestinian professionals. Its establishment occurred in the midst of an uncertain eco-political climate, which included the withdrawal of Israeli insurance companies from the Palestinian market. read more

Talita Kumi
The Educational Centre of Talitha Kumi is located in Beit Jala close to Bethlehem. The school provides classes at all educational levels, from first grade to high school level. Our complex also includes a kindergarten, a vocational training centre preparing trainees for work in the hotel business, a boarding school for girls, as well as a big guest house. read more

French German Cultural Center
The French-German Cultural Center was founded in 2004. In the context of cooperation between the unique French Cultural Centre and the Goethe Institute. The center offers courses in French and German languages that qualifies read more

Institute For Comminity Partnership
The Institute for Community Partnership (ICP) at Bethlehem University was founded in 1989 (originally named Business Development Center) as one of the community-service extension units of Bethlehem University. The Institute is an integral read more

Terra Sancta Kindergarten
The Terra Sancta College is distinguished among the other schools in the region by its great history of more than five centuries and to be more specific since the beginning of the 16th century. It’s the first school in Bethlehem, thanks to the order of the Franciscan Brothers, who started. read more

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