Beam Lighting Engineering

Mercedes Showroom

Project Name: Mercedes Showroom
Location: Ramallah
Date: 2009
Design By: Community Development Group (CDG)
Supervision: Community Development Group (CDG)

Description:T. Gargour & Fils (TGF) was established in 1928. Since early 1952 TGF has been the exclusive and sole agent for Mercedes-Benz vehicles in Jordan, Lebanon, and Palestine providing the highest standards of customer care. TGF has been responding to customer demands by introducing new products to its current passenger cars range.
In 2009, TGF Decided to open a new showroom at the entrance of Ramallah. The first thing that strikes your eyes is the beautifully illuminated passenger cars when entering the Ramallah showroom, thanks to the “Fosnova Vision Interior Floodlights”. The lighting of some of the offices includes Fosnova Luna 1, Disano Starled, Fosnova King, and Disano Gabbiano fixtures.

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