Beam Lighting Engineering

Working life of LED lights

Signal and atmosphere LEDs
Reliability depends on the quality of the electronic gear.
LEDs have extremely long working life that guarantee 50,000h.
Accent LED lighting
Powerled, I=350mA (1.4W module)
Powerled, I=700mA (3W module)
Based on the temperature rates actually measured and according to the technical specifications of semiconductors, we can state 50,000 h.
Wall-washing LED
Built-in three lens module and three powerled lights (1 W, 350mA)
50,000h at the maximum temperature allowed.
How Long do LEDs last?
24 hours a day – 5.7 years
18 hours a day – 7.6 years
12 hours a day – 11.4 years
8 hours a day – 17 years

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