Beam Lighting Engineering

The influence of heat

The working life of LEDs largely depends on their inner temperature.
Any statement about the working life of a LED light is considered reliable after assessing the influence of temperature. Excessive temperature affects the correct functioning of LED lights and reduces their working life.

Thermal resistance is a term used in physics and in particular, in the fields of electronics, to indicate the difficulty encountered by heat as it flows through a solid, liquid or gas structure.

Thermal resistance of LED components in technological development:
(a) 5 mm;
(b) low-profile;
(c) low-profile with extended framework;
(d) heat sink;
(e) heat sink mounted on a printed circuit.
The names registered for these components are Piranha” (“b” and “c”, Hewlett Packard Corp.), “Barracuda” (“d” and “e”, Lumileds Corp.), and “Dragon” (“d” and “e”, OsramOpto Semiconductors Corp.)

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