Beam Lighting Engineering

Dar Al Kalima Art College Theatre

Project Name: Dar Al Kalima Art College Theatre
Location: Bethlehem
Date: 2011

Description: Dar al-Kalima College was built by the International Center of Bethlehem (ICB) in 2006. It is the first Christian college in the Middle East to focus on training in the arts, multimedia, communication, and tourism. Dar al-Kalima College is committed to bringing about change by impacting economics, politics, and culture in Palestine. The college envisions equipping young people with academic and vocational skills as well as providing much needed jobs now. Dar al-Kalima College provides young Palestinians with access to vocational training that meets international standards in fields such as tourism, media, music and communications. In addition, focusing on standards necessary to compete on the international market, arts and crafts courses will preserve and revive traditional Palestinian handicrafts that are slowly dying out.

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