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Kasir Hisham Museum

Project Name:Kasir Hisham Museum
Location: Jericho
Date: 2008

Description: Hisham’s Palace is the most archaeologically important Islamic monument in Palestine, and is a major attraction for both visitors and Palestinians. In 2010, according to figures collected by the Palestinian Ministry of Tourism and Antiquities, the site received 43,455 visitors. The site is a common field trip destination for Palestinian schoolchildren. Foreign visitors who enter Palestine through the nearby Allenby Bridge often make Hisham’s Palace their first stop. The site has been visited by foreign dignitaries, and was recently the set for a production of Shakespeare’s Richard.
Hisham’s Palace museum is a modern building that located within the the palace site. It was renovated by the United Nations Development Program in 2000. It is considered as an exemplar to the so-called museum site, where it presents samples to the Umayyad and Abbasid pottery which was discovered inside the palace.

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