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Abu Sada Building

Project Name: Abu Sada Building
Location: Beit Sahour
Date:  2010

Description: Dar Abu Sada is located in the Historic City of Beit Sahour and was rehabilitated as one of the projects in the Emergency Plan for the Revitalization of the Historic City of Beit Sahour. The project was funded by the Swedish International Development Agency (SIDA) and implemented by the municipality in partnership with the Centre for Cultural Heritage Preservation (CCHP).
The building was officially aquired by the municipality in 2010 and renovated into the headquarters for the Project Development and Public Relations (PDPR) Department. This department is responsible for the development, design, and funding of projects within the municipality’s strategic plan. The PDPR Department consists of the head of the department, two engineers (civil engineer and GIS expert and the site engineer), and two public relations officers (local and international). Currently, there is an architect also working with the PDPR Department through funding from a specific project in the Historic City.
Dar Abu Sada contains other offices as well: a secondary office for the mayor; an office and meeting room for the Beit Sahour Youth Council (BSYC); and an office for the Local Action Committee (LAC).

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